Prayer Requests

Please remember too pray for those in our congregation  that live alone.


Bob Rippenhagen - Helen Schulte - Vicky Hoffman

Alice Ahlhardt - Bobbie Schulte - Linda Brumwell

Gerri Smart - Becky Demuth


Carolyn and her family in the loss of Felton


Vicky Lee and her family in the loss of Gary


Zella and her family in the loss of Sylvester


Linda and her family in the loss of Tommy

Ben Seeker - Lost all tomato plants during storm

Kay Seeker - Recovering from surgery to repair 2 broken bones in her leg

Ed and Lee Ehring need to move and are looking for a house to rent


Ray and Bev Morris - Bev and been diagnosed with Alzheimers

Cliff’s dad has dementia and is not doing well.


Bobbie Schulte - Feeling better


Mandy Forester - Brain surgery


John Forester - eye surgery


Debbie and Dustin Gregory in the loss of Doug

Sandra Carson’s daughter Candace is having some mental health issues


Bob & Sadie Easley - Health issues


Ed Ehring’s sister Julie Robison is suffering from Alzheimer’s. 


Vicky Hoffman - legally blind but her eyes are getting worse 


Prayers for those working in health related jobs, for protection. Especially those from our own families: 

Karen at St Joseph  - Susan - State School - Zella Johnson


Please remember to pray for those in our congregation that are not getting out during the pandemic


Pray for our country and the turmoil that’s going on now

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 Trust the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding....  Proverbs 3:5